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This true story of a couple of years was the beginning of a new chapter in my friends ( movieisle Lexi ) and my (Nick -) relationship, or at least sex. Since this is the first time I shared my friend, but not the last. At the time they were 18 and in a normal relationship of late adolescence, which had strong for many yeas. We are both slim and attractive to students Lexi was a size 8 / 10 with breast tenderness risqué. Her long brown hair that framed her beautiful face and bright green eyes. Her stomach was flat and close shave up her tight pussy and legs long and slender. We never had sex research not much more than a normal couple would have, until that fateful night that changed everything ! The night started pretty standard, dealt only with a few mates around and my friend from the path of Ladish behavior. As the night went to the left in each slow until I run out and one of my closest friends Lawrence. We had a fewBeer in the evening and soon Lexi us with a bottle of movieisle wine. We were all humans and inadequate for a good laugh, not to mention at this point pretty drunk. The topic of sex and soon became Lexi Lawrence asked if there was anything in the big wide top, only war parties. She replied with a cheeky 'Do not you know. ' Although the conversation did not go further, I could not stop the two of them to look at each other from there. And who can blame him, because his legs stretched out the top that barely covered her panties tiny. talking about fantasies and what are two guys who really seemed to enjoy Lexi. movieisle Lawrence was very interested in what Lexi fantasized about, and at first he was ashamed to speak. I already knew everything they did, but I wanted them to say ahead of Lorenzo. Finally, my bother, she admitted she was curious and girls, who sometimes do lesbian porn. Lorenzo is excitedd as well strangely I realized that I loved so much. He grabbed me and pulled the laptop to the Internet go to a porn site video free lesbian closely searched. movieisle He showed some videos that he did, his embarrassing to watch, but you could see his eyes open, and saw that they turned and looked at them, turned to me and Lawrence. After a few minutes from the Internet this was a great frustration to those and it was not long before Lorenzo asked my porn conducted. I told him I never bothered to save him, but before he announced lexi disagree with something I never thought they would. 'What happens to the pictures of me ? '. I think Lawrence was excited to say something and instead of telling him to fuck me when I showed the photos saved... There was 30ish photos of Lexi decreases slowly movieisle from his deliberate and little slowly reveals her naked body. Lawrence could not stop, I looked at her and slowly gettin lexicloser to him in my bed until I was g his arms around his neck and shoulder hit. whispered in his ear, he could not hear then looked at me and bit her lip. Lawrence finally turned his attention away from the laptop and asked if he could take Lexi. Every part of my body told me to say no and to stop what was happening... But I just said, ok. Lexi pulled the blanket to show Lawrence 's hand between her legs. During this time he had movieisle his hand in her panties to feel her wet pussy. not waste time since then and started passionately kissing each other deeply. I felt so strange, but most had done before! Within seconds he had taken the top movieisle revealing her body slim and sexy red thong and a bra. His support came with her top and dived in the destruction of his pants cunning slowly sucked her nipples. He slowly slid his underwear and mocked him, not allowing you to see her pussy, but finally gave up on kneesbed showing her slender body. Wile studying his own body, they saw that he took his boxers, still kneeling before leaning gently on the bed and began touching his penis. She kissed him back movieisle and forth, then, as they did in the greatest cunning licks the hand you movieisle have. His other hand moved down her body between her legs until she plays with herself. Make sure every second of it I put his cock in her mouth for the first time in much of what he saw. She began to slowly raise the head up and down, and then started getting faster by hand too. His hand was now replaced it in her pussy and began to moan with pleasure. I do not movieisle think ether of them could not stand it anymore, and pressed to climb back on top. They kissed briefly before their eyes as he rolled movieisle his hips and pushed his cock inside. That shit is like an eternity, slowly rolling her hips and pushed his cockwould go as deep as cunning and kissing frantically calling each other names. She was getting faster and faster until she screamed with pleasure and with other guys cuming cock inside her. I could only see its tail wet pussy wet with my girlfriend who was inside. Lexi looking surprised me and rolled over it climbs back to see everything. She grabbed his cock slowly up until she was all into it and sit on his lap. This may not have lost time damn fast and movieisle I could see my cock in her pussy was a friend of my friend. She was wet more than I've had to make his tail was seen soaking. He told her he wanted to cum, so I went up to his huge cock and lay on your back with legs spread to catch it again. After falling into my girlfriend 's pussy gets fucked harder than he had before. She screamed his name and said he was going to fuckhim again, and she wanted so much. There was not much more time before it was attacked and kissed the back of her pussy ruse. Both set next to each other hugs and kisses, open their legs and shaved pussy is dripping with his cum. , both sweaty and breathless kiss, she began to speak until all fell asleep in the same bed, but only after I had come with her. The next morning I woke up at two with him again. She sat movieisle on it to get up and down on his cock. They tried to wake up completely and no more, but the secret shit. It was not long before he entered it again and went back to sleep kiss and told him to do it again would take some time. And believe me, they movieisle have... more than once.
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